Lynn Real Estate Lawyer

Often an emotional and happy process, buying or selling a home can also be frustrating and confusing. Because of the myriad of laws and regulations surrounding real estate in Lynn, working with an experienced Lynn real estate lawyer is highly advised. Deborah Gold-Alexander Attorney at Law has the experience and skill set you’re looking for whether you’re buying or selling a home, involved in a real estate dispute, or have questions about other facets of real estate law.

Guiding You Through All Real Estate Matters in Lynn

Deborah Gold-Alexander’s real estate acumen allows her to represent clients who are involved in a variety of different real estate matters, including, but not limited to:

  • Residential home or land purchasing. When purchasing a home or other type of real property, it is essential that you understand your fiscal obligations, your rights regarding disclosure, your loan and title documents, contracts and contingencies, and more.
  • Selling of real property. Sellers also have many duties and legal rights per Massachusetts’ real estate laws. Working with an attorney can protect your best interests.
  • One of the biggest hurdles to buying property in Lynn is finding financing. Deborah Gold-Alexander has been advising clients on how to meet their real estate financing needs for over three decades.
  • Landlord and tenant laws. Landlords and tenants are both required to abide by certain regulations when property is rented. If a dispute arises, Deborah Gold-Alexander can advise you of your legal rights and help to settle the matter. Further, she can also help you to avoid disputes by drafting strong, legal rental agreements.
  • Commercial real estate representation. Buying or selling commercial properties can be extremely sensitive. In addition to financing and buy-sell agreements, Deborah Gold-Alexander can also guide you through property use agreements, zoning regulations, and dispute resolution.
  • Closing representation. Finally, Massachusetts’ law requires that an attorney represent parties during the closing process. Even if you do not seek legal services leading up to closing, you must work with an attorney before you can legally transfer/receive property.

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With over 30 years’ experience in Lynn and surrounding areas, Deborah Gold-Alexander is highly skilled in all legal real estate matters, and understands how important your real estate issue is to you. Deborah Gold-Alexander will always prioritize your interests, and will seek to guide you through your real estate matter – or resolve your real estate dispute – as quickly and effectively as possible while mitigating excessive costs and time.

To schedule a consultation with Deborah Gold-Alexander today, or to learn more about real estate laws in Massachusetts and why seeking legal representation is a smart idea, call 781-289-4235, or request a consultation online.