Other Practice Areas

The Attorney has over 26 years of experience in a variety of civil, criminal and other legal matters. Sometimes the client is seeking legal advice and/or legal review of documents or a particular legal matter. The Attorney is available to be retained to assist the client with his or her particular issue.

Sometimes parties to a divorce are agreed to their issues and are filing an uncontested divorce. The Attorney is available to draft and review the necessary divorce documents without being retained to represent the party in the proceeding itself. This can result in a substantial savings to the client.

Sometimes a client needs an Agreement drafted or reviewed. The Attorney is available to be retained to draft or review and revise the Agreement needed by the client.

Sometimes a client needs a legal opinion on how to proceed with respect to a legal matter involving their business. For instance, many times, the Attorney is called upon to review a certain proposal for a client and give an opinion on the legality of that proposed venture. The Attorney is available to be retained for that purpose.

The Attorney is available to be retained on many other matters including the following:

  1. General Family Law;
  2. Uncontested divorces;
  3. Drafting and Review of Divorce Agreements without legal representation in the divorce proceeding itself;
  4. Commercial Collections;
  5. Simple Wills;
  6. Powers of Attorney;
  7. Healthcare Proxies;
  8. Drafting, review and negotiation of Contracts and Agreements;
  9. Credit counseling;
  10. Settlement of credit accounts without filing bankruptcy;
  11. Appearance at civil and administrative hearings;
  12. Legal opinions; and
  13. Other matters requiring attorney involvement.

There are many other areas of practice which Attorney Deborah-Gold Alexander is familiar. She has over 26 years’ experience in a variety of civil law, criminal law, and other branches of law. Whether the client is just seeking advice in a particular legal matter, needing a review of legal documents, is going through a divorce, or has a business issue which needs to be addressed or litigated, Attorney Deborah Gold-Alexander can be retained to assist her client with their particular issue.

When two parties in a divorce can reach an agreement, they often can file an uncontested divorce, saving themselves a great deal of time and money.  Attorney Deborah Gold-Alexander is well-versed in such matters and can file the necessary paperwork needed, without even being retained. She can do the same for any other type of agreements which may be needed by a client. Whether you need a legal opinion, or experienced representation, give Attorney Deborah Gold-Alexander a call.