Revere Probate Lawyer

When it comes to estate planning and getting one’s affairs in order, many may wonder, “What is a probate lawyer, and why would I need one?” In order to answer those questions, we must first look at and identify exactly what probate is. When someone dies, there is a legal process which is mandated by the courts to try and distribute their assets and property as fairly as possible, in accordance with the will of the deceased. The entire process of probate has several goals, one of which is to verify that the will of the deceased is indeed valid. Another goal of probate is to identify the property which the deceased has left behind and to inventory all of it to make sure that it is accounted for. All of this property must also be appraised by the probate, and any debts and/or taxes which the deceased has left behind must first be paid off by their estate. Once all of this has been done, the probate court will distribute the assets and property of the deceased in the manner which he or she has set forth in their will. As you can see, it can be a very complicated process and the assistance of a probate lawyer would be very beneficial. If you are in need of a probate lawyer in Revere, give Revere Lawyer Deborah Gold-Alexander a call.

What is the Job of the Will’s Personal Representative in Probate Proceedings?

There are many jobs which are appointed by the court system to the personal representative of a will during probate proceedings and for which they must comply with these duties. First of all, the personal representative must file all necessary papers in the relevant county’s probate court, and file a death certificate to give proper notice that there has been a death. It is up to the personal representative to prove that the will is valid, and also to provide a list of all debts, properties, assets, and those who might inherit some of said estate. The personal representative will normally initiate the probate proceedings. In some cases, there is no will and no personal representative has been named. If this happens, a personal representative must be appointed in the Probate and Family Court to act on behalf of the estate. Most of the time, this person will be a spouse or close family member, or the person who would likely inherit the bulk of the estate.

Do I Need A Probate Lawyer?

Anyone who is involved in any sort of probate proceeding should obtain the legal advice of a probate lawyer. Having proper legal representation can help protect your rights and keep you informed of any information that you need in order to protect your assets. Probate lawyers can also help show you how to avoid probate court proceedings altogether and free up any inheritance as quickly as possible. The probate lawyer will file the will of the deceased, and help to fight for your rights in any dispute which may arise. You may contact Attorney Deborah Gold-Alexander to determine your rights.

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