General Litigation

The Attorney has represented businesses and private parties with respect to numerous types of general litigation. These types of cases have included but have not been limited to disputes over money, property, businesses, partnerships, sole and exclusive agreements, any contracts or agreements and violations of consumer protection laws. The Attorney has and continues to present parties on both sides, either as a Plaintiff or Defendant. The Attorney offers lower hourly rates than Attorneys in larger firms in Boston while providing comparable if not better legal representation. She is not afraid to litigate against the “Big Boston Law Firms” and has been involved in numerous civil litigation cases either pursued or defended by these firms. The benefit to the client is that he/she has personal service in such cases that allows for a better understanding of the underlying controversy and perhaps, gives an “edge” or leverage in the litigation.

The Attorney has and continues to litigate numerous cases involving fraud, misrepresentation, civil conspiracy, unjust enrichment, violation of consumer protection laws. In many cases, the Attorney has represented businesses affected by a breach of their sole and exclusive agreements by unscrupulous competitors.

The Attorney has represented parties in breach of other types of agreements such as partnerships, where the wrongdoer made misrepresentations or committed fraud during the business association.

The Attorney has represented real estate brokers and other individuals for unpaid commissions or other misappropriation of funds.

The Attorney has represented clients for fraud and misrepresentation in the misuse of their identity or business matters.

Usually such matters have resulted in settlements whereby the Attorney has drafted settlement agreements designed to protect the parties of from future problems with the offending parties. Protecting the client’s business interests is the foremost goal.

The Attorney’s specialty is in civil litigation and civil procedure.  In 2004 and 2011, the Attorney has been certified to testify as an expert witness in civil procedure in Suffolk Superior Court and Middesex Superior Court, respectively.