Elderly Car Crash

Unfortunately, car crashes among the elderly have become a serious problem in the United States. In the Commonwealth of Massachusetts just this week, an elderly man was killed when his vehicle went off the road. The accident, which occurred Monday afternoon, was reported by the Dighton Police Department. The victim, who remains unidentified, was reported dead at the scene after his car left the road, struck a tree, and caught fire. The cause of the accident is reported to still be under investigation. Car Crash Lawyer Deborah Gold-Alexander can answer any questions that you may have about elderly car crashes.

Why More Elderly Car Crashes?

There are many factors which contribute to the fact that more elderly people are involved in car crashes than in the past. One of those reasons is perhaps the simple fact that people live longer, and remain active longer than they did a decade or so ago. The number of drivers who are over the age of seventy is expected to double in the next decade, and triple in the nest decade and a half. This means more and more elderly drivers will be on the road. What does this mean? Over time, as we grow older, it is normal that we experience a loss of motor skills and metal attention to details and our surroundings. Sadly, this can lead to more elderly people being involved in accidents on the road. Such accidents can lead to loss of life for other drivers, pedestrians, passengers, and even the elderly drivers themselves.

Types of Elderly Car Crashes

There are several different types of elderly car crashes. Because of the low attention span, lessened motor skills, or simple negligence of an elderly driver, there can be more rear end crashes, side swipe accidents when changing lanes, t-bone accidents at red lights and intersections, and more. Some of these accidents may cause serious injury while others may only cause minor ones. When approaching an intersection or red light, an elderly person may be less likely to notice everything about their surroundings. They may not see that a traffic light is about to turn red. They may not notice that there is a car in their blind spot when changing lanes, and they may react too slowly to someone stopping in front of them. Although elderly people can also be the victim in an accident, statistics show that most drivers over the age of 55 are at fault in accidents which occur in town.

If You Have Been Involved in an Elderly Car Crash

There are a few steps to take if you have been involved in an accident in which there was an elderly driver. The first step is always to call emergency personnel such as police and ambulance to come to the scene. If possible, use your cell phone to get pictures of the scene. Get any statements that you can from witnesses, along with their contact information, and of course, exchange contact information with the other driver. It is also important to contact a car crash lawyer such as Deborah Gold-Alexander.

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