COVID-19 Safety for Cyclists and Pedestrians in Massachusetts

In the state of Massachusetts, residents are encouraged to stay at home to the extent possible and to exercise social distancing when not at home. As per specific orders, Governor Charlie Baker has extended the limit on gatherings in the state until February 8, 2021. Executive orders aside, though, everyone knows best practices for preventing the spread at this point: stay inside when you can, maintain six feet of distance when around others, wear your mask, and if you’re going to see someone, do it outside.

The added level of protection that being outside provides is one of the reasons that cycling and walking is a great way to continue to safely get exercise during the pandemic. But don’t be fooled into thinking that just because you’re outdoors you’re not at risk of spreading or contracting the virus. Here are some safety tips for cyclists and pedestrians in Massachusetts during COVID-19–

Go Solo 

One way to reduce your risk of getting sick or getting others sick is to ride or walk solo or with those you’re already quarantining with. While certainly not as enjoyable as the social experience that you get from a group outing, it’s the easiest way to ensure you’re being safe.

Distance if Going with Friends

Getting together for outdoor activities is one way that many people have been able to continue socializing during the pandemic. If you are going to be walking or biking with friends, make sure that you continue to distance to the extent possible and wear your mask. Further, try to keep your group small — riding with a friend or two is safer than your normal morning run group of 15. 

Change Up Your Route

If your favorite thing to do is go for a nice stroll around downtown Boston where you can people watch, you might want to change up your route to a less-traveled path. During COVID-19, side streets, quiet bike paths, and open space are a great option during the pandemic.

Remember that Hospitals Are at Capacity

The fact that hospitals are currently overburdened should not completely discourage you from leaving your house, but it is a good reminder to exercise caution and to do everything you can to prevent an accident and mitigate injuries if you were to be involved in a crash. This means:

  • Wearing a helmet if riding;
  • Wearing bright colors or/and reflective clothing to help drivers see you;
  • Walking, running, or riding during times of good visibility (after sunrise and before sunset);
  • Ensuring that your bike is equipped with working lights;
  • Following all safety and traffic rules pertaining to pedestrians and cyclists, such as only crossing a street when you have the right of way; and
  • Making eye contact with drivers before proceeding through an intersection. 

Call Our Personal Injury Attorney for Help

At the law office of Deborah Gold-Alexander Attorney at Law, we hope that you’re staying safe and well during this trying time. If you are involved in a pedestrian crash or bicycle accident, our attorney can provide you with legal advice and representation. Attorney Deborah Gold-Alexander has over 30 years’ experience in personal injury law and can offer you a free consultation. Call today to get started.