Lawyer Case Results

In over 25 years of practice, the Attorney has represented hundreds of clients with respect to their claims for personal injury in motor vehicle accidents, slip and fall accidents and other types of incidents involving negligence of another. In many negligence cases, the Attorney received low or “nuisance value” settlement offers for cases that warranted much higher settlements. The Attorney has successfully litigated cases in court and received either through mediation, arbitration, settlement conference or trial by judge or jury, awards well in excess of the insurance companies’ offers all the way to large money awards or judgments.

In several motor vehicle accident cases where liability was clear (ie: a drunk driving accident, a rear end collision etc.) the insurance company offered low settlements for cases that were clearly worth large amounts of money because of the extent of the client’s injuries. The Attorney filed the case in court and litigated the case up until the time of trial. In several cases, the Attorney received initial settlement offers under $10,000.00 for cases worth substantially more. After litigating the case, the Attorney was able to obtain in excess of six figure settlements or awards.

Revere Lawyer Case Results

Attorney Deborah Gold-Alexander has over 25 years of extensive experience in all aspects of personal injury law, business and personal litigation, bankruptcy, real estate law and general practice matters. A sampling of cases resulting in favorable results are as follows:

In one general negligence case, a client was seriously injured when she visited a restaurant. A large wooden door designed to enclose a dumpster area adjacent to a walkway leading to the entrance of the restaurant had been negligently left unattached to the enclosure in an upright position. As result, the door fell onto the client causing her serious injuries. Initially, the insurance company refused to make any settlement offer forcing the client to file her case in court. The case was litigated and after a period of time, the case was successfully mediated by a professional mediator resulting in a favorable settlement to the client.

In a breach of contract case, a client had a promissory note for $25,000.00 that was never paid by the other party. The other party ignored and refused to pay the client the money that was owed. The client retained the Attorney to sue for the money owed and was advised that the other party was selling a piece of real estate. The Attorney immediately filed a lawsuit and obtained a real estate attachment. It was only at that time that the other party agreed to pay the money owed to the client out of the sale proceeds. The property was sold within a short time and the client finally received the money that the client had lent to the other party years earlier. Had the Attorney not filed a lawsuit immediately and the property was sold, the client may never have collected the monies owed.

Real Estate Lawyer Results

In a misrepresentation and fraud case, a party had misrepresented that a piece of land was a buildable lot. The buyer had bought the property and began clearing the property to build a house. During the process, it was discovered that the land was not buildable although it was represented to be a buildable lot in the purchase and sales agreement. A buyback of the land was arranged but the buyer still had many out of pocket expenses for clearing the land and preparing it for building. The buyer sued and obtained a judgment against the other party. The judge deemed that the conduct of the other party was so egregious that he doubled the damages and ordered the payment of attorneys’ fees. The judgment appeared uncollectable as the other party owned several properties that had mortgages, attachments, executions and other liens. The Attorney discovered that one of the properties was rented to the U.S. Post Office and the Attorney was able to attach the monthly rents for several years until the judgment was paid in full.

Bankruptcy Attorney Case Results

In a bankruptcy case, a client had a garnishment on his weekly paychecks for over 6 months. The Attorney was able to file a Chapter 7 bankruptcy petition and stop the garnishment. The Attorney also determined that the employer improperly paid the garnished monies to the attorneys for the creditor. The Attorney was able to obtain the return of most of the previously garnished monies to the client.

In another bankruptcy case, the clients had credit card problems because of health issues in the family. They were able to pay their mortgage but one of the creditors had a lien on their home. In a Chapter 7 bankuptcy filing, the Attorney was able to discharge the credit card debt, allow the clients to keep their family home and have the lien removed off the family home.

In a bankruptcy case where there was a short sale, the client had tried to “do the right thing” by arranging for a short sale of their home rather than having the home go to foreclosure. The bank agreed to the short sale and the client was able to sell the home. However, the bank still sued the client for the difference of what was owed on the mortgage and what the home sold for in the short sale. Attorneys for the bank sued the client for over $100,000.00, obtained a judgment and was in the process of garnishing the client’s paychecks to collect on the judgment. The Attorney was able to file a Chapter 7 bankruptcy petition and discharge the $100,000.00 debt to give the client a fresh start.