Can I Sell My Property without a Lynn Real Estate Lawyer or Agent?

If you own property in Lynn or surrounding areas and are thinking about selling, you surely have questions about the process of listing your house, showing it to prospective buyers, and accepting an offer. You may also be wondering whether or not you have an obligation to work with a real estate agent to sell your house, and whether or not it is within your best interests to work with a Lynn real estate lawyer. The answer to both these questions is this: working with both a real estate lawyer and a real estate agent is advised and can protect your best interests.

Why You Should Work with a Real Estate Agent

You have no obligation to call a real estate agent; you are more than welcome to list your house on your own and manage all of the affairs associated with selling a house without agent representation – doing so is possible with a little research and how-to reading. However, this is not advised. A real estate agent may be able to improve the chances of your home being sold faster, and a real estate agent will also be familiar with the neighborhood you live in and how much your home is worth, and therefore what your asking price should be. A real estate agent can also help you to market your home on the Multiple Listing Service, can prepare it for open houses, and can advise you whether to accept or reject an offer.

You Need to Work with a Lynn Real Estate Lawyer, Too

While working with a real estate agent is a fantastic choice, keep in mind that a real estate agent is not an attorney and has no legal training. This means that a real estate agent cannot provide you with sound legal advice when it comes to contracts and documents related to selling your home, contingencies within a contract, what to do in a breach of contract case, or the myriad issues that may present themselves during a home closing. If a dispute arises, a real estate attorney can advise you of your options, represent you during mediation talks, and even litigate for you in court if it comes to that.  When putting down a large deposit to bind a contract, you do not want to take any chances on losing that deposit should you not comply with the terms of the purchase and sales contract.

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Working with a real estate attorney is highly advised, and you should contact an attorney before getting to the closing table to ensure all loose ends are tied up and a deal is solid before it is too late or a dispute forms. At the law offices of Deborah Gold-Alexander, Attorney at Law, Deborah has over 30 years’ experience in the field of Lynn real estate law, and has represented both buyers and sellers during the real estate process. If you are ready to schedule your free consultation with Deborah, contact our law offices by phone or online. You can call us now at 781-289-4235.