Business Law

Breach Of Contract & Business Torts

This Attorney brings more nearly 30 years of experience in representing individuals and small businesses in suing for monies due them by another party for violating a contract or agreement. The Attorney has also successfully obtained monies due a client for promissory notes and other debts owed that were never paid. The Attorney has also maintained a specialty in representing those businesses in the gaming industry that have been involved in lawsuits because of breaches of agreements and illegal interference with business relations. The Attorney has represented both plaintiffs and defendants in these types of matters.

In one case, a client had a promissory note for $25,000.00 that was never paid by the other party. The other party ignored and refused to pay the client the money that was owed. The client retained the Attorney to sue for the money owed and was advised that the other party was selling a piece of real estate. The Attorney promptly filed a lawsuit and obtained a real estate attachment. It was only at that time that the other party agreed to pay the money due out of the sale proceeds. The property was sold within a short time and the client finally received the money that the client had lent to the other party. Had the Attorney not filed a lawsuit immediately and the property was sold, the client may never have collected the monies owed from the other party.

Business Issues we help

Drafting, Review and Negotiation of various agreements including but not limited to:

  • License Agreements
  • Non-Compete Agreements
  • Non-disclosure Agreements
  • Proprietary Agreements
  • Employment Agreements
  • Termination Agreements
  • Settlement Agreements

Attorney Deborah Gold-Alexander has nearly 30 years’ experience in business law, both on the side of the business, and on the side of the individual. Her experience includes suing for money that is due from parties who violated a contract or agreement, and obtaining payment due to her client from promissory notes, etc. She has represented both plaintiffs and defendants in cases that involved business in the gaming industry which became involved in lawsuits due to breach of contract and illegal interference with business relations. Having served clients on both sides of such legal matters has given her a unique perspective on how to in a case from either side.

There are many laws in existence which govern exactly how a business should be conducted in general. For those who operate in the business world, in anything from a small family business to a huge corporation, an attorney who is familiar with such laws is vital. Attorney Deborah Gold-Alexander has the experience and knowledge that comes from years of litigating on both sides of the court room. She can help with such issues as license agreements, non-compete agreements, non-disclosure agreements, proprietary agreements, employment agreements, termination agreements, settlement agreements, and much more. Give her a call today.