Black Ice Car Accident

Black ice is a phrase that refers to a particularly icy and hazardous road condition. It is actually a misnomer since the condition for which it is named is a clear, thin icy condition also called clear or glare ice. Its name may derive from the fact the road’s black pavement can be seen through the ice, or it may convey a dangerous condition that is not readily apparent to the casual observer. Read more

Closing on a Home in Saugus

Massachusetts law requires that an attorney not only be present at a real estate closing, but that the attorney be an active participant. The real estate lender usually has their own attorneys and you should definitely consider having your own attorney representing your interests at every stage of the process.  However, many lenders may agree to use your attorney as the lender’s attorney to be the settlement agent for the closing.  Attorney Gold-Alexander has conducted many closings on behalf of both lenders, buyers and sellers. Read more