Roof Deck Injuries in Revere

Roof deck injuries are an unfortunate circumstance of a homeowner’s failure to warn or to maintain a deck in a safe condition, or of a defective design or flawed material. Many of these injuries occur when large crowds congregate for parties or social events on decks that are structurally unsound and collapse, leading to catastrophic injuries and roof deck deaths. Read more

Revere Trucking Accident

Truck accidents are a different breed from the usual motor vehicle accidents that only involve passenger cars. Fully loaded trucks can weigh 80,000 pounds or more as compared to a typical 5,000 pound motor vehicle, which introduces issues such as different stopping distances, perception-reaction times, regulatory violations and the heightened standard of care required of commercial truck drivers. Read more

Closing on a Home in Revere

Buying a home is a major transaction and likely the largest one that most of us will ever experience. Selling a home is no less significant and in either case, we want the process to be smooth and efficient with as few headaches and delays as possible. Closing on a home in Revere can be much more manageable and even a pleasant experience if you have the right Revere closing attorney who has handled these transactions countless times. Read more

Why You Need a Closing Lawyer

If buying a home is the single largest business transaction you will ever do, why not ensure that all your bases are covered by retaining a closing lawyer to represent your interests and rights during a process that can be confusing and daunting. Read more