Slip and Fall in the Snow

In 2010, in a case known as Papadopoulos v Target Corporation, the high court of Massachusetts overruled one hundred and twenty-five years of snow removal laws. The ruling made citizens liable for any injuries sustained when someone slips and falls in the snow or ice on their property. Read more

Hit From Behind Accident Lawyer

When most people hear of a hit from behind car accident, they may not realize the severity of these types of catastrophes. In many hit from behind accidents, the victims are left with neck and back injuries, other injuries, or even death. In 2010, for example, twenty-six year old Derek Gallien caused the death of a twenty-three year old resident of Edward, Massachusetts after crashing into the back of her car. Gallien was later found guilty of motor vehicle homicide by negligent operation when a jury of three men and five women found him responsible for speeding, failure to stop, and distracted driving. Read more