What Happens If You’re Hit By An Uber Driver?

Today, Uber boasts in excess 110 million users all over the world. As is often the case, your Uber driver is usually only just a few minutes away.  Meanwhile, underdog competitors such as Lyft are breathing down Uber’s neck in numerous cities across the U.S. and Canada.

But while rideshare vehicles have become enormously popular, bicycle accidents involving these vehicles have become increasingly common—and this causes headaches to cyclists, drivers, and passengers alike. Across the United States, drivers and passengers have doored cyclists, and some cyclists have even been hit by Uber drivers who are paying more attention to their apps and picking up or dropping off passengers than to cyclists.

Cases involving Uber and other rideshare services can get a little complicated. At the office of Deborah Gold-Alexander Attorney at Law, our experienced Uber accident attorney will represent your best interests while guiding you through the entire journey.

Who’s Liable?

Ideally, the insurer of the rideshare service should be required to pay. That doesn’t always happen though. While Uber insures its drivers, that coverage, as well as the amount available, will vary. It’s also worth noting that the coverage only takes effect during specific stages of driving. Let’s go through a few scenarios to uncover how coverage works for Uber vehicles:


In this scenario, the Uber driver is not on duty and therefore not logged into the Uber app, so Uber’s insurance policy doesn’t apply. All Uber drivers must carry their own car insurance, which covers any accident caused by an Uber driver while they’re logged out of the app.

Available for Hire

This means the Uber driver is logged into the app and is available for hire. Uber’s insurance coverage generally pays up to $50K per person for personal injury, up to $100K per accident caused by the Uber driver, and $250K property damage resulting from the driver’s negligence. However, it doesn’t cover damages to the cab or injuries suffered by the driver.

En route with Passenger

Having picked up a passenger, the driver is now heading for the destination. Coverage starts once the passenger is inside the vehicle, and ends when they alight. Uber’s insurance policy generally offers up to  $1 million in both personal injury coverage and liability coverage. The insurer will also be paying for damage to the cab, provided that the driver carries their own comprehensive or collision coverage. Additionally, the rideshare insurer offers Uninsured Motorist insurance while the Uber driver is on the way with the passenger.

En route to Passenger

This means the driver is on the way to pick up a passengers. Rideshare liability coverage generally rises to $1 million.

What to Do If You’re Hit by an Uber driver

If you’re hit on your bicycle by an Uber driver, you’ll want to enlist the services of an experienced attorney. Uber is still a fairly new company and cases involving it tend to be complicated.

An Uber accident lawyer will help you file a successful claim against the Uber driver, and can even help you hold Uber liable for the driver (if, for instance, they negligently allowed an unqualified driver to work for them).

While at the accident scene, be sure to contact the police and give them your account, which they’ll need for their report. Write down the liable driver’s license plate, vehicle model and make, and insurance details.  If there are any nearby witnesses, try to get his/her contact information or inform the police to do so.

Take photos of your injuries, bike, clothing, and any other vital details of the crash scene. Record your version of events—providing as much information as you can, even details you don’t consider important—immediately so that it’s as accurate and fresh as possible.

Need Bicycle Accident Advice? Contact an Uber Accident Lawyer Today

While dealing with insurance and medical expenses is difficult enough after a bike accident, being hit by an Uber driver can make your recovery process even more difficult and complicated. For this reason, talk to an Uber accident attorney Deborah Gold-Alexander today at: :(781) 289-4235, so you can be on your way to getting the compensation you deserve.