Tips for Avoiding Holiday Car Accidents in Lynn

The holiday season is upon us! But along with big family gatherings, sparkling lights, and
Christmas trees comes an increased risk of being involved in a car accident. To be sure,
Thanksgiving weekend and the days surrounding Christmas and New Year’s tend to be some of
the most dangerous times on the road. Fortunately, most car accidents are caused by human
errors, and by being aware of these mistakes and focusing extra attention on safe driving, you
may be able to avoid a collision. Here are some tips for safe driving in Lynn during the holiday

Pay Attention

Even if you consider yourself an attentive driver who doesn’t give in to common distractions–like
a cellphone or rambunctious children–you should commit to paying extra attention when driving
during the holidays. Not only are there more drivers on the road who are unfamiliar with where
they’re going (people often travel by car during the holidays), but drivers may be distracted,
intoxicated, or frazzled. There may also be an increase in pedestrian traffic, especially around
shopping areas. Further, weather is often precarious during the winter months, making paying
attention extra important.

Get a DD – Designated Driver

You may tell yourself that you’d never get behind the wheel while intoxicated, but after you’ve
had a few drinks at a holiday party and “feel fine,” you may think that driving home is no big
deal. You can avoid this predicament and the many potential risks that accompany it by
planning a safe ride home in advance. Schedule a driver, have a rideshare app ready to be
activated on your phone, talk with your spouse/friend about which one of you will be the sober
driver home, or plan on spending the night wherever you’re partying.

Prepare Your Vehicle

The winter in Lynn means lots of snow and ice, poor visibility, and especially cold temperatures –
all of which can be hard on a car and make safe driving difficult. The best way to prevent a
weather-related accident or vehicle breakdown is to prepare your vehicle and get it
winter-ready. Consider putting on snow tires, make sure that all fluids are topped off, and
thoroughly remove snow and ice from windows, mirrors, and the top of your car before driving. If
the weather is bad when you’re on the road, slow down and provide extra distance between
your own vehicle and the vehicle in front of you.

Call Our Lynn Car Accident Lawyer if You’re in a Crash this Holiday Season

Even when you’re driving as safe as possible, it can be impossible to anticipate the actions of
other drivers on the road, and sometimes an accident is unavoidable. If you’re in a wreck caused by the negligence of another party this holiday season, don’t hesitate to call our Lynn
car accident lawyer for a free consultation. Deborah Gold-Alexander, Attorney at Law, has over
30 years’ experience representing car accident victims in Lynn and is a skilled negotiator and
litigator. Reach our law office today by phone or by sending us a message to schedule your first