Texting and Driving

As most New Englanders know, all drivers are banned from texting while driving in the state of Massachusetts. Not only is answering a simple text illegal in the state, but writing and/or reading emails, searching the internet, and all other non-call activities are strictly prohibited. This law includes activities performed on a cell phone, laptop, tablet, or any other electronic device. It is a law that is believed to have saved thousands of lives. Unfortunately, there are thousands more who do not heed the warnings nor obey these laws. For them, just a momentary lack in judgment can lead to serious injuries and death. If you or a loved one has been injured in an accident in which texting and driving was a factor, contact Car Accident Lawyer Deborah Gold-Alexander.

Distracted Driving and Deaths

Each year in the United States, there are almost 3500 deaths caused by distracted driving. Not all of these are from drivers who were texting, but many of them were cell phone (or other electronic device) related. In a frightening new trend, drivers are not only texting, but taking photos of themselves known as “selfies,” and then posting them to Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and other social networks. As CNN explains, hashtags such as #drivingselfie can bring over 4000 matches in a search. The hashtag #drivingtowork can bring over ten thousand results, and then there is the #hopeidontcrash hashtag…which speaks for itself.

Advocates Against Distracted Driving

Car Accident Lawyers such as Deborah Gold-Alexander understand the dangers that distracted driving such as driving and texting and/or taking pictures while driving can bring. As Jackie Gillan from the Advocates for Highway and Auto Safety explains, “Taking a photo of yourself while you’re driving a 2,000-pound vehicle down the road at 50 or 60 miles per hour? That is putting your life in danger and putting the lives of those around you in danger.” But it isn’t just the drivers of cars, trucks, and SUVs who are participating in this dangerous new trend. Drivers have posted images of themselves behind the wheel on boats, motorcycles, and even airplanes. Law enforcement agencies, government agencies, and other safety advocates have recently gone to work to discourage drivers from driving while texting, taking selfies while driving, or being a part of other forms of distracted driving.

Toyota Launches New Campaign Against Texting and Driving

In a recent ad designed by Marketway Advertising, Toyota has joined those who are advocating for safety behind the wheel. The ad features nine images of a wrecked automobile with various Instagram filters applied to them. Underneath the images is the simple, yet effective message “Don’t Shoot and Drive.” The ad is meant to remind drivers of just what can go wrong in a matter of seconds when a driver becomes distracted. If you or someone you love has been injured as a result of a driver’s negligence behind the wheel, give Car Accident Lawyer Deborah Gold-Alexander a call today.

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