Suffolk Downs Casino Update

Residents of Revere, Massachusetts are beginning to wonder whether there will ever be a casino in their area. The last vote from the five member of the Massachusetts Gaming Commission was delayed for at least another week, leaving  many wondering whether the proposed casino, with Suffolk Downs as landlord and Mohegan Sun as the holder of the license, would go forward in Revere. The announcement of the Mohegan Sun becoming the license holder for the Revere Casino started a domino effect that came to a climax with the delayed vote. Business owners who wish to understand the proposed casino plans and the recent casino voting may wish to consult a Casino lawyer, such as Deborah Gold-Alexander.

Residents Alarmed at Change in Wording of Casino Agreement

The proposal for the Mohegan Sun casino met with a great deal of scrutiny from the members of the Massachusetts Gaming Commission due to the fact that there were serious changes in the wording of its application. In the original application named Suffolk Downs as the applicant for a casino on its property, not Caesars Entertainment. Suffolk Downs had planned to bring in Caesars at a later date. In the new agreement application, Suffolk Downs will be the landlord, and the Mohegan Sun will become the tenant with both working alone as their own business. In the first proposal the project would be a joint one and would be located in East Boston. In the second proposal, the project would be located in Revere. The Mohegan Sun will be the only applicant for a resort casino license, according to Mass Live.  One of the commissioners shared his disapproval of the “dramatic change in the content of the agreement,” although he strongly approves of a casino in Revere. If you have issues with casino agreements, or changes in wording on existing agreements, Casino Attorney Deborah Gold-Alexander can help. Give her a call today.

Suffolk Downs Owner Enthusiastic About Proposal

According to the Revere Live Journal, the owner of Suffolk Downs spoke very enthusiastically during the announcement that the Mohegan Sun would become the licensee for the casino in Revere. In his quote, he stated, “This is a historic day for the City of Revere, Suffolk Downs and all of New England. By choosing Mohegan Sun as our resort casino developer and operator, we bring new energy and excitement to our pursuit of a gaming license , and a leader and premier brand in resort casino gaming that has been hugely successful in New England for 17 years.” The new proposal will shift the casino from the East Boston side of the racetrack to the Revere side which is scheduled to occur in February of 2014. Voters rejected the proposal to build in East Boston in a previous vote, but accepted the proposal to build in Revere.

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