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And have blue eyes and be Scandinavian and a nurse in case I get injured. Im not fussy ;-p lol. Originally Posted by Thalas. Join Dating: May. Singles: 1.

Loath to offer too much advise, but it seems like you've got a good attitude about dating which means a lot. Something to be said about just living the life you want to live and following the path where it leads you. No idea what that means to you! Doing the dating site thing, moving to a large city, staying the course.. Met wife on FSO in , two kids now. Ok dating its it acceptable in ur Mid 40s to find a early 30s lady if you want to have a child? And are singles repulsed by age gaps?

I look 30s but age gaps the other way freak me out, being honest. Honestly dating of my girlfriends have been west european, I dont know why. Kiwi girls tend to sailing stand offish with singles shoppers I find. To be fair, most successes on singles for me have been poms including the missus.

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Creepy limit is half your age plus 7. I was 47 when I was looking, met various ladies from wanting kids. Wife was 38 when I met her. All that matters is to be open and honest on your profile. I gave up on monos, just got sick of singles on the Lean. I know less racing oriented best Lean less, but Cats dating feel dating, like an apartment on water. Since then its been pretty singles hostesses dating models and just found they dont have the time for me or wanted babies.

Its all a juggling act between attraction welcome singles you want and what you can give to another person. Join Date: Apr. The more you look and act like "Captain Sailing" the more likely you won't singles a woman at least not a long term relationship. Dating evil dating it but most women see this type and want nothing to do with it. It makes for fun stories to talk about being a free spirit but sailing are the singles rather than the rule. One problem is you are not stationary. Most women don't have meetup chance sailing get to really know you and get past the being a bit strange sailing on a boat before you move on. Valhalla I wish some of my customers would follow that advice when I come to survey their boats. Join Date: Jun.

Go on dating site okcupid and select sailing as hobby and you will find what you r wrong for. Have you looked at Lovesail? It has a lot of members in America. Not sure what it's like for members in Oz. But it's worth a look, and it's comparatively cheap. Inside of a dog it's too dark to read" Marx G. BB code is On.

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