Meatloaf Slips, Falls, Breaks Collarbone!

Singer Meat Loaf is suing the Hyatt Corp chain of hotels, claiming that he took a scary fall during a horror convention held at a Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport hotel in May 2019. The fall caused him to be hospitalized for six weeks.

The singer, actor, real name Michael Lee Aday, brought the lawsuit against the Hyatt Corp and Texas Frightmare Weekend LLC with his wife in a Fort Worth state district court.

As Meat Loaf, 72, walked on the stage, “his foot landed on the part of the curtain with no floor beneath it”, according to the lawsuit. As a result, the singer lost his balance and fell off the stage, causing him serious injuries.

The Fall

Upon reports, in May 2019, Meat Loaf performed at a convention called Texas Frightmare Weekend, which took place at a Hyatt hotel in Dallas. According to the lawsuit, a company called Texas Frightmare Weekend organized and promoted the convention, and sold space and tickets to vendors.

When the accident happened, Meat Loaf says he was taking part in a question-and-answer time with fans while sat on the stage.

 “During the setting up of the stage, the curtains were hung from a high frame at the rear of the stage by the defendants, hiding the end of the stage”, states the 10-page complaint.

The lawsuit goes on to say:

 “The defendants pooled one part of the curtain on the stage and hung it over no foundation, fooling the participants into believing that it was an expansion of the rear of the stage.”

“Therefore, when one viewed the stage, they wouldn’t be able to work out the amount of space available while walking close to the curtains before they’d fall off the rear of the stage”.

Severe Injuries

Meat Loaf claims that the fall caused him serious injuries to the shoulder, collarbone, and neck and he’s not been able to continue performing. Following the incident, he states that he was rushed to a Texas medical center where he spent 12 days and then was transferred to a Tennessee hospital, where he spent a further 30 days. He claims he continues to receive physical therapy for his injuries.

According to Meat Loaf, the defendants didn’t place any safety barrier or railing or warning tape to prevent attendees from falling off the stage. The singer also claims that both Texas Frightmare Weekend and the Hyatt “negligently” put up the stage in a manner that apparently created a “hidden hazard” and a “trap”.


Meat Loaf claims he’s suffered a number of damages, such as physical pain and suffering (past and future), mental anguish, lost wages, lost earning capacity, and medical expenses. Through his slip and fall lawyer, he’s seeking consequential and compensatory damages, court costs and interest.

While the singer says he’s seeking monetary compensation, he also wants “to send a strong message that in future, the organizers must be responsible and put the safety of participants first”.

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