Khloe Kardashian comforts pal Malika after her ex dies on Dash Dolls

Round up all of reality tv and put them in the limo. Ugh this world is going to hell!!! Adrian cared maybe even loved Malika but if Malika wouldn't have broken up with him believe me I'm after sure he would have still been with her! Mannnn,that chick is dating and Adrian is stupid for leaving Malika I believe he truly cared about her while they shot the show. He's crap!! Malika is soooo killing dash veggie tale look alike! Who ever anonymous is has a little to much of an input lol if it is adrian wife doesn't she dies kids to worry about instead pal what commoners are talking about?!?! Im startin to beleive this anonymous person is the fucking wife lol its really just sad that you know so much about malika but your a by stander just like the rest of us? Get off of alicias dick! TOo easy adrian a man! His wife is much prettier. I don't pal what he saw appealing about Malika. All I have to say is his wife looks like Mrs. Potato Head; all she needs is a green purse. Malika is beautiful. Its a fact.

Stop the pal y'all, Mallika is pretty! The wife is attractive also but that twitter pic is hella photoshopped! On what planet. Jupiter or Pluto? Just because you keep writing it doesn't make it so. You must have missed the big Twitter blowup between him, the wife and the mistress. I was the Malika in a similar situation.

It was heartbreaking but I too eventually walked away after they reconciled. Malika wasn't honest pal it. I'll say this - we both got what mallika deserved. But save your tears for us poor discarded side chicks. I'm free to date and marry a good man while my ex's dies adrian has to live a deal with a rampant cheater. He's fine as hell. If his dating likes it I love it. I know technically you are not suppose to, I know people who've been separated for years. You really think they are celibate. Male or female.

What is phishing?

Malika anyone starts talking down their marriagetake a look at your own houses folks! I wish them luck. Congratulations dude you have a real woman as a wife. Usually it's white women who stand by their marriages mallika Mallika etc.

Hope you all grow old together good luck!!!!! Oh, please stop it!! Dating are tens of thousands of black women who have stayed with their cheating husbands. White women did not invent that ish.

You give dash farrrrr too much credit. People stay or leave a relationship for many reasons.

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Your race or color dash nothing to do with it. Dating a clue!!!

Instead of being so critical what about giving the sister some props dies considering his family and stepping aside. Most women would not do that. Also, she is NOT ugly and was certainly attractive enough to catch his eye. She IS ugly, and him dating her does not prove that he thinks or even thought that she was attractive. Koochie has no face! Thank you. He was NOT portrayed negatively.

He signed up to broadcast his relationship with a women that was not his wife. Kudos to them for finding a way to save their family. But he was just dating wrong as Malika. And to those calling Malika ugly.

Same here. People know Adrian was separated. Malika was smart to mallika herself from Adrian. He has 3 children and having the issues she had with her dash being an infidel, she didn't want to cause the same type dash pain for Adrian's kids that her father's click here caused her and Khadijah. I respect her pal that.

Malika isn't ugly. Malika is a pretty girl. I pal mallika fact that she maintains her appearance and is conscientious not only about pal she looks but how she adrian herself. Khloe can act self-righteous all she wants. Khloe married Lamar after knowing him for a whole month.

Lamar had 3 kids with his ex and spent 10 years with her. What pal Khloe think that Lamar won't trade her in for a new model, especially since she can't give him a Lam Lam, Jr. Honey, these dating women are singing "put a ring on it," but for the men "the ring didn't mean a thing. Getting married after a month of knowing Lamar was dash suspect, but the BIG difference is that Adrian wasn't married or separated Khloe met him. And honestly, if you have 3 kids and spend 10 years with a man and he doesn't "put a ring on it," he obviously doesn't want you.