Lynn Bus Stop Pedestrian Accident Leads to Serious Injuries

It’s not just pedestrians who are crossing roadways who may be at risk of vehicle collisions – in July, two pedestrians who were sitting at a Lynn bus stop waiting for the bus to arrive were injured when a driver left the road, crashing into the area in which the two were waiting. As reported by WHDH 7News Boston, both pedestrians involved in the crash were seriously injured.

Both Pedestrians Involved Suffered Serious Injuries

According to the report, the accident occurred when a 32-year-old man drove his Hyundai Accent up off of the road and into a Lynn bus shelter. In addition to hitting the bus shelter, the Accent also struck another vehicle from behind first; fortunately, the driver of this vehicle did not suffer any injuries.

The two primary victims of the crash were those who were waiting within the shelter: a 54-year-old woman and 75-year-old man. Both were immediately transported to the hospital. Reports indicate that the man suffered “serious” injuries, and that the woman’s injuries have been classified as “life-threatening.” Tragically, the vehicle had pinned the woman down. While efforts were made to lift the car off of her, it took another party reversing the vehicle to free her. 

Reports indicate that the driver of the Accent did not suffer serious injuries, but was treated for minor injuries. At the time that the accident was reported, the cause of the accident had yet to be determined.

Pedestrian Accidents in Lynn

Pedestrian accidents in Massachusetts, Boston, Lynn, and surrounding areas are becoming a serious problem for those who walk in our cities. To be sure, an article published in indicates that in 2018, 680 pedestrians were struck by motor vehicles in the city of Boston alone – a far cry from the Vision Zero goal. If you’re a pedestrian, understanding best practices for staying safe and navigating the road with motor vehicles around is critical. Some tips for reducing the risk of accident and injury include:

  • Always pay attention while walking – put distractions, like mobile devices and music, away.
  • Look before crossing, even if a traffic signal indicates that you have the right-of-way.
  • Keep a safe distance from the curb while waiting for the bus, and encourage your school-aged children who ride the bus to do the same. Accidents like the one described above are uncommon, but possible.
  • Always cross at crosswalks when available.
  • Always use sidewalks when available.

What Happens If You’re Involved in a Pedestrian Accident?

Pedestrian accidents can be tragic, often leaving the pedestrians involved with serious or fatal injuries. If you are involved in a crash, it’s important that you understand your right to recovery. At the law office of Deborah Gold-Alexander, Attorney at Law, our Lynn pedestrian accident lawyer can guide you through the claims process and your right to bring forth a civil suit if you’ve been hurt. Deborah Gold-Alexander has over 30 years’ experience fighting for people like you. Call today or send our law office a message directly to schedule your free consultation.