How To Choose a Real Estate Lawyer in Melrose

Located only 7 miles north of Boston is the city of Melrose. With a population of about 27,000, it is known for its fields and forests and open spaces. It is a mostly residential community offering families an pleasant and vibrant community in which to raise children with its excellent schools and shopping but also providing a short commute for any resident who works in Boston. Single family homes and condominiums can be had for reasonable prices. If you are looking to move to Melrose, want a larger or smaller home or are seeking a rental or investment property, find a real estate lawyer in Melrose to assist you in all aspects of your transaction.

Massachusetts law requires that an attorney oversee and preside over a residential real estate closing, but you should consider using one at the outset. To find a Melrose real estate attorney, consider the following tips:

  1. Retain an attorney who actually handles real estate matters. Any attorney can do a closing, but not every lawyer knows what they are doing and or what to look out for at a closing. By having an experienced real estate attorney when you begin the process of looking or selling, you can avoid any problems that can delay or even derail a transaction.
  2. Ask other professionals. If you used an attorney for a personal injury matter or for estate planning, have them recommend a real estate lawyer in Melrose. Many professionals refer attorney Deborah Gold-Alexander for her years of experience and the confidence clients have expressed in her knowledge and resourcefulness.
  3. Ask your real estate agent or broker. Agents and brokers work with attorneys all the time. If you like your agent and have trust in him or her, then you can be reasonably sure that the attorney whom they refer will competently handle your representation.
  4. Review the attorney’s web site. You can glean a good deal of information about attorneys from their web sites where they list their education, law school, experience and testimonials.
  5. Inquire at the Middlesex County Bar Association about real estate attorneys in Melrose.
  6. Choose two or three attorneys and interview them at their offices. Advise them that you wish to interview them for a real estate transaction, regardless if you are the buyer or seller. If you are investing in real estate, find a lawyer who can assist you regarding landlord-tenant law in Massachusetts and any other issues that can arise.

When interviewing the attorneys, you will want to know the steps involved in the buying or selling of a home, documents needed, financing and the closing process. To give you an idea of what goes on in a closing, here are some material steps that are involved and which are routinely handled by Ms. Gold-Alexander:

  • Opening an escrow account-all necessary funds including earnest money, taxes and other costs are deposited here.
  • Conducting the title search to ensure a clear title.
  • Closing costs review-you do not want to pay unnecessary fees that clutter and increase the closing costs statement such as administrative or closing fees.
  • Inspections-home and pest inspections are routine and vital since flaws and material problems need to disclosed, discovered and remedied, or at least negotiated over to your benefit. Your attorney can also suggest certain experts or specialists be used to examine the home’s foundation or for other issues that arise concerning the property.
  • Ensure you have pre-approved financing and can bid to a certain amount.
  • Removal of contingencies. There are deadlines for these such as for financing and inspections but which can be extended by Melrose closing attorney Deborah Gold-Alexander who may also assist in renegotiating the purchase price or ensuring repairs are made or other alternatives examined.
  • Funding escrow. Your attorney will advise you on what costs you will need to deposit.
  • You will want to be certain that the repairs are made or other promises kept and that no other problems or issues have arisen since you last saw the property.
  • The final meeting. At the closing, all documents are reviewed and signed and money is exchanged. Your attorney will make certain no other costs have suddenly appeared or that other circumstances now exist that can delay or jeopardize the transaction.

Melrose real estate attorney Deborah Gold-Alexander has over 30 years’ experience in handling real estate transactions for buyers, sellers and investors in Melrose and the surrounding communities. Find out why real estate agents and brokers and other professionals consistently recommend her for any real estate transaction. Call her today for your free, initial consultation.

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