Holiday Shopping Accidents: Common Causes and Liability

While the holidays may be filled with cheer and joy, they can also be a time of chaos and stress. As frazzled shoppers search for the ideal gift and make their way from store-to-store, the experience can become chore-like, and even dangerous. In fact, there are a number of shopping-related accidents reported during the holiday season. Here’s a list of some of the most common, as well as an overview of liability for shopping-related accidents and your rights if harmed–

Car Accidents and Parking Lot Accidents

One of the most common sources of injury during the holiday season is the car accident, with regular car accidents and parking lot accidents–and many accidents that involve pedestrians–increasing between Thanksgiving and Christmas. These accidents are the result of bad weather, more cars on the road and more congested parking lots, more holiday shoppers out on foot, and distracted drivers. There are also more intoxicated drivers on the road on holidays.

Store Slip, Trip, and Fall Accidents

From icy parking lots to packed retail stores with employees that are scrambling to complete myriad tasks (and therefore are limited in their ability to quickly remedy hazards), the risk of a slip, trip, and fall increases for holiday shoppers. Some causes of slip and falls during the holiday season include:

  • Falling objects from store shelves;
  • Objects in walkways;
  • Spills of food and drink;
  • Wet and slippery areas within the store (often caused by shoppers tracking in snow from outdoors);
  • Icy parking lots and walking areas; and
  • Crowded stores – some people may suffer a slip, trip, or fall as a result of losing their footing in a crowd.

Assaults and Black Friday Injuries

The day after Thanksgiving, ‘Black Friday,’ has become particularly treacherous for holiday shoppers. To be sure, there have even been deaths reported on Black Friday that are the result of shopping altercations gone wrong. Some of these causes of injuries include an altercation at a Kmart that led to a broken hip, a brawl at a shopping center, a worker being trampled in a stampede, a head injury from a falling TV during a scuffle, and more. If you’re planning on doing Black Friday shopping this year, remember that people can be dangerous and unreasonable when trying to get their hands on a good sale. Stand back from crowds to avoid being trampled, and if you get in a disagreement with another customer about “who saw it first,” let them win – it’s not worth a potential assault or another injury.

You Have the Right to Seek Compensation

If you are harmed while shopping this holiday season, you may have the right to pursue a legal action against the party whose negligence led to your injury. This might be the driver of a car, the owner of a store, or an individual who assaulted you. Our lawyer can help you identify the liable party and understand your right to file a claim.

Have a Safe Holiday Season

At the law office of Deborah Gold-Alexander, Attorney at Law, we wish you a safe and happy holiday season. If you are injured in a shopping-related accident this year, don’t hesitate to call our Revere personal injury lawyer for a free consultation. Deborah Gold-Alexander has over 30 years’ experience in personal injury law, and is committed to serving Revere clients like you.