Electric Shock Accidents in Massachusetts

One of the most serious types of accidents and injuries that a person can suffer is that of an electrical shock. Mostly affecting employees who work around electricity, electrical shock accidents can lead to serious, and sometimes fatal, injuries. At the law office of Deborah Gold-Alexander, Attorney at Law, our experienced personal injury lawyer in Massachusetts can represent you if you’re the victim of an electric shock. Please call our law firm today to request a free consultation. 

Electrical Shock Accidents: Causes and Injuries

As stated above, electrical shock accidents most often affect workers who work around electricity, such as construction site workers and electricians; however, workers are not the only victims of electrical shock accidents. Sources of electrical shock accidents typically include powerlines, high voltage power wires, wiring and transformers, outlets, home electrical systems and sources of electricity (such as lights), and appliances and tools, both in the home and the workplace.

The body is a fantastic conduit of electricity and, if an electrical shock accident happens, the injuries may be very serious. Examples of potential injuries include damage to internal organs, external burn injuries, bone fractures and head injuries (if the person falls or is thrown as a result of the shock), cardiac arrest, neurological injuries (such as seizures and loss of consciousness), and, in the most severe of cases, death. 

Damages to a Person Suffered from Electric Shock

In addition to the injuries listed above, a person who survives an electrical shock may incur high medical bills, could suffer permanent or long-term disability, and may suffer financially from lost wages if they are unable to return to work for an extended period of time, or perhaps indefinitely. The above injuries can also be very physically and psychologically painful, resulting in a high amount of noneconomic damages in the form of pain and suffering. 

If an electrical shock injury is fatal, the person’s surviving family members may also suffer high medical bills (incurred prior to death), the value of the decedent’s lost wages, and pain, suffering, and emotional distress. They will likely also incur costs related to funeral and burial expenses. 

Steps to Take After an Electric Shock Accident

Whether your electrical shock accident occurs at work, on private or public property, or in your own home, it’s important to understand your rights and what steps to take after an electric shock accident, whether as the victim or the victim’s family member. 

The first thing that you should do is to seek medical care immediately. Document all care received. 

You should also report the accident, especially if it happens at work. If it does not happen at work, report it to the owner or manager of the property where it happened. If it was the result of a defective product, report it to the product manufacturer.

The next thing you should do is immediately call a lawyer. Your lawyer will be able to guide you in filing a third-party liability claim, a defective product claim, a premises liability claim, or another appropriate claim type. 

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