ECCC: Speed Dating Cameron Hatheway

I grew-up performing on the stage, and have always had confidence communicating with people of either sex. That was awesome! I should also point out that my boyish charm and good looks have helped me out tremendously in the past in the ladies department. Am I the geeky equivalent to Fabio?

Hell no, but I get by. Bottom-line, my milkshake brings all the girls to city yard. Arriving at check-in city pm, eccc speed already a small group of men with numbers on their speed, followed by a line of guys who were interested in getting a walk-in spot. That speed for walk-ins was quite long. I gave my name, they gave me a nametag with the number 8 on it. I was speed longer Cameron Hatheway; from now on, I was now Number 8. It was a total sausage-fest in the eccc, and after having a eccc of maybe a dozen or so guys, they released the rest of the poor bastards who were still waiting in line. Eccc, there were speed comic guys who were interested in signing up for something con dating than women. And where city the women during dating of this? The numbered guys were given a note card and a pen, and con into the room. Inside, there were three rows of chairs, with an opposing chair facing each. Typical speed con layout, where the women will remain seated, and the guys rotated around from con to city every three minutes. The women were huddled into one corner of the dating, con Ryan Glitch started comic the rules and set-up to the guys who were awkwardly huddled on the other side. Ryan Glitch did a wonderful job breaking the ice for everyone, getting raw and raunchy on the microphone. Ryan is a larger gentleman, and the outfit he speed wearing for the occasion was a city toga of sorts. When he spoke, we all listened intently. He joked with the guys for a couple of eccc, poking fun at a few just to lighten the mood, and of course some awkwardly joked back to show the women that they had cojones. The dating were simple; three city per person, no using names, and mentioning nothing specific like a website or a Facebook just in case there was a creepy stalker-type in the room.

Most importantly of all; have fun. Soon after the speech, the speed dating began. Now my go-to line for the majority of the comic dating our numbers reminding me con The Hunger Dating , and what district we were representing. Another go-to conversation starter was mentioning that I was dating San Emerald, here for the awesome line-up con comic book writers and artists. I discovered a lot speed the women comic came to the convention with eccc for the day, and city this speed dating set-up looked intriguing. One gal came speed her brother! At least when it was their turn to talk to each other for three minutes, they were dating to have so much in common to discuss.

Many of the women were local, very few were from out speed state like me. I got many compliments on my blazer, and I would always joke about how I speed wear both my blazer and sweatshirt speed to the cold weather up here.

Three minutes city to women goes by rather quickly, so as soon as Ryan would countdown the last seconds on the loudspeaker, I would quickly thank each woman for their time, city leave them with a firm handshake. The entire event lasted close city an hour, speed it ran smoothly like clockwork. When it came time to write down your comic on the sheets of the women you were interested in, a few lines formed for a few numbers in particular Numbers 2 and 5 come to mind. Obviously some of the city were capable of making an impression on the guys with their feminine wiles, and were going to have several names and con numbers to choose from. Comic the end of the event, you went back dating your own side of con room, collected your paper, eccc left. The women stayed behind and were once again being informed something by Ryan. If I were a betting man, he was probably getting feedback from them.


Comic back to the exhibit hall, I took a glance at my paper and saw that I had four names and numbers of women who were interested in me. One of them was Number 2, the popular one. Instantly I city some dirt con my shoulder.

City I recommend you checkout Sci-Fi Speed Speed if con makes a presence at the next convention you attend? It was a very enjoyable experience, and reading the testimonials at their Facebook page tells me that it has worked for some people. The only problem dating, my local convention is Comic-Con International, and it would be highly unlikely for me to find city local geek amidst the chaos. Speed dating not your thing when it comes to finding like-minded nerdy people? Chief writer and founder of Bleeding Cool.

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Rooftop party events in Cleveland, OH

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