Driver Killed By Flying Manhole Cover

A freak accident left a Milton art teacher with fatal injuries in February of 2016; a manhole cover, which usually lies atop the manhole that is in the left lane of route 93 heading southbound, near the O’Neill tunnel exit, crashed through a driver’s windshield.

Manhole Cover Causes Fatal Accident

According to reports, the teacher – Caitlin Clavette – was driving down I-93 when, without warning, a manhole cover weighing 200 pounds fell through the driver’s side of her windshield. As summarized by an article in CBS Local – Boston, after the manhole cover struck the vehicle, the car continued careening down the left lane of I-93, until it came to a stop after hitting a wall.

According to the same source, what caused the manhole cover to become dislodged and fly through the air is unknown; an investigation has been opened.

Massachusetts Department of Transportation Takes Action

The Massachusetts Department of Transportation (DOT) has responded to the accident by leading the department to “take several steps immediately out of abundance of caution,” according to an administrator for the department, Thomas Tinlin. The DOT closed down several lanes of highway immediately following the accident in order to assess manholes found throughout the highway.

Who Is at Fault for This Tragic Accident?

When a tragic accident such as this occurs, one of the first questions to which everyone wants to know the answer is: who’s at fault? When two drivers are involved, it can be easy to look at the actions of one and place blame; in this case, it may be the city of Boston or Massachusetts Department of Transportation that acted negligently.

Reports indicate that the manhole cover was last inspected in June 2014.

Recourse for the Victim’s Family

Knowing what to do after an accident like this occurs can be an overwhelming experience; there is nothing worse than losing a loved one in an unexpected accident. If the negligence of a government entity (such as the Massachusetts DOT) played a role, the entity may be held liable for civil damages for the victim’s family. Types of damages that the family may be able to seek in a civil claim include loss of income, funeral and burial expenses, property damage, pain and suffering, loss of companionship, and more.

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