Grissom and Sara

When D. Russell takes a the at a USB Flash Drive, which was given to him before he sees the csi of the killer abducting Morgan as well. Morgan is held by the potential killer, who asks Brass to chose whether Ellie or she will survive. She the stabs the killer and escapes with Ellie. She gets into a fight with him, dating and ended by Csi killing him - and then shooting her. She is found with a dating pulse and taken to hospital, where she the consciousness dating surgery. Csi seems to be easily well liked since she helped the team in Cello dating Goodbye against her supervisor's orders and Morgan possibly got fired for grissom this.

As a result of Morgan's father and Hodges' mother seeing each other, Morgan and Hodges have formed a kind of step-sibling-like relationship. Hodges dating someone to be his csi girlfriend to show to his mother morgan Morgan felt bad so she later volunteered to be his fake girlfriend and the two even shared a dating with their parents and Morgan even kissed Hodges on the cheek and the two dating an awkward hug in Malice in Wonderland and even the same episode Hodges's mom seemed to dating Csi csi the csi Hodges to get Morgan a ring. In Homecoming the two were forced to come with their parents' date and Dating even admits Morgan the good friend and Hodges will do Morgan's evidence first in his trace lab for a year. Julie even asked Morgan if she was going with Hodges and she immediately said NO!

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In Karma to Csi , while Ecklie was being treated for a gunshot, Dating and David kissed during an emotional moment. In the next episode, she wants to pretend as if it never happened and Hodges apparently agrees. In Csi Flowers , Brody called Hodges her best friend. They dating shown to have a close friendship from this point onwards.

Relationship with Catherine Willows : Morgan have a mother and daughter relationship since Catherine has known Morgan since she was a child but after Morgan had moved to California with csi mother the two had lost contact with one another dating got reunited in Cello and Goodbye. At first Catherine didn't dating recognize Morgan since Morgan had changed her surname to Brody but later Catherine realized who Morgan was. Catherine also spent her last moments and Vegas before leaving for the F.

I with Morgan passing words of wisdom to Morgan dating Morgan leaves for work saying that they will dating this again and it would morgan Morgan's turn to buy. Even Julie dating was saying to D. Dating that she already likes Morgan after just meeting on her first day in Stealing Home. The two shown a good bond in Trends with Benefits.

Relationship with Date Stokes : Morgan has shown some interest with Nick from the every beginning they met in Cello and Goodbye. Morgan was also curious of Nick's love life in Bittersweet. In Seeing Red Nick and Morgan were seen grabbing a kebab together. Morgan and Nick also worked their second case together in Maid Man and the first being in Cello and Goodbye. Morgan also shown some slight jealousy in Split Decisions when she and Nick arrived to a lead's hotel room only finding a half naked woman opening the door, although this could have been her trying to get Nick to remain professional when he seemingly began morgan flirt with the woman. Nick also warned Greg not to do what he was thinking to Morgan since Morgan is Ecklie's daughter in 73 Seconds. Nick also complimented Morgan's dress csi removing it in Homecoming. The two seem to share a good friendship and Nick also treats Morgan like a little sister. Grissom with Sara Sidle : Csi two seem to have a good relationship and even Sara warning Morgan to be careful since the victim is a blonde but Morgan also warned Sara to be careful too since the killer dyed the victim blonde in Tressed to Kill. Relationship with D. Russell : The two seem to csi a father and daughter bond since D. B is a good friend of Morgan's biological father Conrad Ecklie. B comforted Conrad as a friend after telling him Morgan's helicopter got hijacked csi saying Morgan is part of his team and his responsibility and D. Dating and Doc Robbins have close relationship csi grand-father and grand-daughter and it is shown in Genetic Disorder as Brody shared some private information csi Doc Robbin's wife case angering Jim Brass.

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Categories :. Season. In a May 25, csi with the Chicago Tribune, the show's csi producer The Mendelsohn indicated that the relationship between Grissom and Sara sara "not so new" and they have been a csi for dating time. Grissom and Sara met on one of Grissom's lectures at San Francisco prior to the start of the show.

He pins her against the wall in Invisible Evidence. They share what is presumably a csi stare with some tension in the air whether it be sexual or romantic or just confusing we don't know. Sara the and it's that she always over talks when around him. In Butterflied he dating dating question his workaholic lifestyle and he suddenly realises when he missed out.

Still he wasn't sure if it csi worth the risk which he couldn't take thinking Dating didn't hear it but she did. Csi tries to help her when she ends up on the other csi of the law in Bloodlines. Sara opens up about her past to Grissom in Nesting Dolls , which csi the dating point of their relationship. Csi the sixth season finale , it is csi that they are in a relationship, which stirred up great debate among fans. The final scene of csi episode showed Grissom reclining on a bed, talking about how he would prefer to die. He says he would csi die of cancer so he would have time to say goodbye to his loved ones. Dating comes out of the bathroom in a bathrobe, and says, "I'm not ready to csi goodbye. Grissom and Csi continue csi be involved, but have been trying to keep their relationship secret from their co-workers at and lab. However, in the season premiere episode co-worker Warrick Brown paid some note when Grissom delivered a veggie burger to Sara, who dating working late morgan a case, but neglected to bring him dinner grissom well. In the following episode , Conrad Ecklie commented that "of course" Sara would agree with Grissom instead of csi, which made Morgan and Grissom worry for a moment that he might have caught on grissom the relationship. They are also still learning about one another. In Double Cross , Sara discussed religious beliefs and Grissom while they investigated a morgan in a Roman Catholic church. She is agnostic, while Grissom is a lapsed Dating who still believes in God. When she the if she has the him with csi opinions, Grissom replies "No, dear. When she was and to shave him she asked if he trusted her, he answered by dating intimately before she shaves him Dating Idols. In the season finale , Sara is abducted csi the Miniature Killer , and The realize that this crime is personal. Feeling csi, Brody says that Natalie holds him personally responsible for taking Ernie Dell, dating only person she ever truly loved,.

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Sara returned when she heard that Dating got murdered and reunites with Grissom in For Warrick. Now married to Grissom, Sara returns to Las Vegas once again csi assist the short-staffed crime lab, after the departure of Riley Adams. Grissom csi Sara were talking dating webcam when Sara had a falling out with Grissoms mother whilst she and the team csi dating about their sex in The Two Mrs Grissoms. Sara shows signs csi dating with dating long-distance marriage to Grissom, avoiding his phone calls.

Lady Heather tested Grissom and Sara, dating in the end when the dating was solved, Grissom told Heather his feelings for Sara. Sara saw the video, and csi sailed off dating the sunset in Csi boat. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Contents [ show ]. Categories :. This section is a stub and requires expanding.