Common Condo Association Disputes

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Homeowners’ and condo associations (typically just called HOAs) provide numerous services to community residents, including providing care and upkeep for shared and public areas, covering costs of certain repairs and services, developing rules and regulations that all residents must adhere to and will benefit from, levying condo association/HOA fees, and enforcing community standards. While most condo association actions are appreciated by community residents, sometimes, disputes arise. When a dispute between an HOA and a resident exist, it’s important that the resident retain legal counsel; the HOA is almost surely advised by a competent lawyer. At the office of Deborah Gold-Alexander Attorney at Law, our experienced lawyer can provide condo owners with the representation that they need when a dispute arises. Consider a few of the following most common condo association disputes, and call our law firm directly for trusted legal representation–

Most Common Condo Association Disputes (and Your Rights as a Condo Owner)

  • Regulations enforcement disputes. HOAs and condo associations maintain the right to create rules and regulations, which they can also enforce. Sometimes, these rules may seem arbitrary or unfair. For example, an HOA may insist that a condo owner can only put up blinds of a certain color, or may only keep one pet within the condo. It is not uncommon for a dispute to arise regarding a regulation or the enforcement of a regulation; a condo association may even seek to penalize the condo owner by levying a fine or another penalty. If you believe that the board is in error, you have the right to take action by pleading your case, appealing the penalty, and seeking legal representation.
  • Architectural control issues. Another source of conflict between an HOA and a condo owner may be in regards to an architectural project, which occurs when a condo owner completes an architectural project that is not approved by the HOA, such as constructing a deck. Failing to get approval of a project can result in the HOA demanding that the condo owner remedy the issue (i.e. undo the project and restore the property to its original condition), which can be an expensive and frustrating endeavor. Our lawyer can help you to understand your options when this type of dispute arises.
  • Collection of dues and assessments. The condo association maintains the right to collect dues and assessments; when dues are not paid on time and in full, the condo association can take action against the condo owner, even going so far as to file a lien or a lawsuit against the condo owner to collect unpaid dues. This can be a complicated issue, and one with serious repercussions for the condo owner if legal counsel is not sought and action is not taken.

When you are involved in a dispute with your condo association, you have certain rights, including the right to seek legal representation. Exercising this right is within your best interests.

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