Common Causes of Car Accidents in the Summer

Turn on your local news channel or pick up your local paper and you’ll be met with the news of multiple car accidents in Revere and surrounding areas, like Boston, this summer. Recently, three pedestrians were struck by a car, a multicar crash resulting in injuries requiring hospitalization has occurred, and another woman has died after being struck by a car while she was crossing at a crosswalk.

The prevalence of car crashes that occur in Revere (and elsewhere in the country) raises concerns about the safety of driving and walking on our streets. The following considers some of the most common causes of car accidents in the summer – when more people are out walking and driving – and how you can prevent them.

Distracted Walking

Distracted walking is a serious problem in Revere. Research shows that in recent years, injuries have soared for pedestrians, who often have their eyes glued to their phones – rather than looking at oncoming traffic, pedestrians are commonly looking down. The best way to avoid this type of accident as a pedestrian is to put your phone away when walking. As a driver, exercise extra caution and realize that distracted driving is on the rise.

Tire Blowouts

When the weather is hot and tires are underinflated, a dangerous condition is presented. When driven at highway speeds, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration warns that tires are at a greater risk for failure during the hottest months of the year. As tires wear down, the chances of a blowout are much higher. A tire blowout can lead to a catastrophic accident type.

Luckily, there are a few things that you can do to reduce your risk of experiencing an accident caused by a tire blowout. The NHTSA recommends checking your tire pressure routinely, and ensuring that tire pressure meets your vehicle’s recommended PSI. Be sure to check your tire’s tread regularly too – if tread is missing or uneven, replace your tires immediately.

Construction Zones

Construction zones on roadways are much more common in the summer than they are in the winter. Not only are construction zones dangerous for the workers who work within them, but the signage can be confusing – causing drivers to travel in the wrong direction – and frustrating – resulting in acts of road rage. Whenever you’re driving in a construction zone, slow down, and take extra care to pay attention to your surroundings. While there is no doubt that the delay can be maddening, nothing is more important than arriving at your destination safely – do not let your frustrations get the best of you.

What Should I Do if I’m Involved in a Car Accident in Revere this Summer?

If you are involved in a car accident in the summer in Revere or surrounding areas, and if you suffer serious losses, working with an attorney is a smart idea. When you work with an attorney, you improve your chances of recovering your maximum settlement amount. At Deborah Gold-Alexander Attorney at Law, our experienced Revere car accident attorney has nearly 30 years’ experience representing accident victims in the Revere area. Contact Deborah Gold-Alexander Attorney at Law today for a free case consultation at 781-289-4235.