Hit From Behind By An Uninsured Driver

If you drive long enough, chances are you will be involved in some kind of motor vehicle accident. One of the most common types of car accidents is the rear-ender, when the motorist behind you has been following you too closely or becomes distracted and fails to stop in time or at all. While most drivers have the required liability insurance, what happens if your car is hit from behind by an uninsured driver? Read more

7 Steps to Closing a Real Estate Deal

Whether you use a real estate agent or not when selling or buying a home or other property, you should at least be aware of what occurs during the closing process. A closing takes place after an offer has been accepted and all the paperwork and other conditions have been met. Before the transaction is completed and the property changes hands to you or to the new owner, however, there are a number of steps in the closing process. The following are 7 steps in closing a real estate deal. Read more

How Philip Seymour Hoffman’s Will Works

In Probate News, the recently deceased actor Philip Seymour Hoffman has been reported by the New York Daily News as having left most of his thirty-five million dollar estate to his longtime girlfriend, Mimi O’Donnell. Hoffman’s will is dated October 7, 2004, and no more recent will has been found, nor is suspected of being in existence. The forty-six year old Oscar-winning actor was found dead last month, allegedly from a drug overdose. Read more

Elderly Car Crash

Unfortunately, car crashes among the elderly have become a serious problem in the United States. In the Commonwealth of Massachusetts just this week, an elderly man was killed when his vehicle went off the road. The accident, which occurred Monday afternoon, was reported by the Dighton Police Department. The victim, who remains unidentified, was reported dead at the scene after his car left the road, struck a tree, and caught fire. The cause of the accident is reported to still be under investigation. Car Crash Lawyer Deborah Gold-Alexander can answer any questions that you may have about elderly car crashes. Read more

Victory for Revere: Casino Vote Passed!

There was a huge victory for the city of Revere this week when voters approved the Mohegan Sun’s 1.3 billion dollar casino project. This win will ready the Sun for a serious competition with Wynn Resorts, who is also vying for the only resort and casino license in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Over sixty-three percent of voters in Revere were in favor of the casino according to the Mohegan Sun Tribal Gaming Authority’s spokesperson. Read more