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Accidents Caused by Drunk Drivers in Lynn

Lynn, Massachusetts has evolved from the “city of sin” to a remarkable community that boasts diversity, cultural attractions, parks, ocean views, and a building renaissance. It is also a high traffic area given its close proximity to downtown Boston. Because of the traffic and a number of intersections rated as among the 200 most dangerous […]

Most Common Types of Construction Accidents

Construction accident workers are at risk of being involved in a number of different accident types that are common on construction sites, but they are not the only ones who may be injured: everyday citizens who pass by construction sites could also be injured. At the law offices of Deborah Gold-Alexander, we represent those who […]

Who’s Liable for a Lynn Pedestrian Accident in a Crosswalk?

Crosswalks are designed to get pedestrians from one side of the road to the other safely. Unfortunately, laws regarding crosswalks, the right of way, and yielding are often poorly understood, and this ignorance combined with negligence can lead to crosswalk pedestrian accidents in Lynn. Indeed, an article published in The Boston Globe highlights the recent […]

5 Things to Do after a Lynn Car Accident

While there are a number of things that you should do after a car accident, ranging from getting medical care to having your car assessed to determine the cost of repairs, there are a few things to do that are more pressing than others. Here’s a look at five things to do immediately after a […]

Determining Liability for a Revere Roof Deck Injury

Having a roof deck may be one of your dreams for your home. After all, roof decks provide spectacular views, lots of sun, and the ideal place for relaxing or entertaining. But roof decks can be dangerous, and both during the construction process and long after completion, roof decks are associated with certain hazards.