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Dealing with Sidewalks Around Condos

Condo associations have a number of duties to those who live near or on the properties it maintains. From ensuring that buildings are cared for in an adequate manner to guaranteeing that any unreasonable hazards on grounds have been removed, when condo associations breach the duty they owe, they could be held liable should harm […]

Condos Association Headaches: Short-term Renters

In the past half decade, the relationship between those who own property (particularly property in cities that are popular for tourists) and those who want to travel has changed drastically. While travelers used to be restricted to hotels or hostels to meet their housing needs while away from home, the advent of short-term housing sites […]

What to Do About Problem Condo Tenants

One of the perks of owning property, especially a condo, is that owners may be able to rent out their condo out as a source of income. As such, condos are often a popular source of investment, as condo owners are usually free to rent out their properties to whomever they’d like, and at whatever […]

What to Do About Service Animals

While a person who buys a residential home typically has the right to do nearly anything with their home that they want, including own a pet, there are some unique rules regarding pet ownership as it pertains to condo associations. While the topic is controversial, condo associations have the right to prohibit condo owners to […]