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What Happens If You’re Hit By An Uber Driver?

Today, Uber boasts in excess 110 million users all over the world. As is often the case, your Uber driver is usually only just a few minutes away.  Meanwhile, underdog competitors such as Lyft are breathing down Uber’s neck in numerous cities across the U.S. and Canada.

Hit in Parking Lot? What You Need to Know

It’s quite normal to assume that you’re usually safe from car accidents in a parking lot filled with immobile cars, but the world has a perverse sense of humor. Thousands of pedestrians are struck by cars backing out of their parking spots every year in just about any kind of parking lot. And often it’s […]

Whose Fault Was It? What You Need To Know About Car Accidents

You’re cruising down the road with the windows open and a little music playing. It’s a nice, breezy day, and you’re having a good time when a sudden jolt snaps you back to reality. Maybe you rear-ended someone, or you were the victim of another driver’s mistake, but what’s certain is that there’s a damaged […]

Suing a Landlord for Injuries Caused on a Rental Property

Data published by the United States Census Bureau shows that in Massachusetts, the owner-occupied housing rate is only 62.4 percent, which means that about 37 percent of people in our state choose to rent their homes. These rental properties include apartments, condos, townhouses, mobile homes, and single-family homes, all of which could serve as the […]