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Deadliest Car Accident Types

Most people don’t think about the chance of being involved in a car accident, even though statistically speaking, most people are involved in at least one crash during their lifetime. While all accidents have the potential to cause serious injuries or death, some accident types are deadlier than others. At the law office of Deborah […]

How to Calculate Pain and Suffering in a Personal Injury Case

Serious injuries can severely disrupt a person’s future and quality of life. When a person is severely harmed, they may require expensive and ongoing medical care, may be unable to work and earn an income, and may be prevented from doing the things that they love and the things that are necessary for basic self-care, […]

Most Common Breaches of a Real Estate Purchase Agreement

Buying or selling real estate is an exciting process that’s ripe with opportunity. However, real estate transactions are also legally complex. During the real estate transaction process, both a buyer and a seller have a duty to abide by the terms of the buy-sell agreement; if either party fails to do this, a breach of […]

COVID-19 Safety for Cyclists and Pedestrians in Massachusetts

In the state of Massachusetts, residents are encouraged to stay at home to the extent possible and to exercise social distancing when not at home. As per specific orders, Governor Charlie Baker has extended the limit on gatherings in the state until February 8, 2021. Executive orders aside, though, everyone knows best practices for preventing […]

What Massachusetts Tenants Need to Know During the Coronavirus Pandemic

For many renters throughout Massachusetts, the coronavirus pandemic has made making monthly rent payments on time and in full impossible. With high levels of unemployment plaguing the state, businesses shuttered, and many wondering how they’ll afford to put their next meal on the table, tenants state-wide are struggling to get by. While the landlord-tenant relationship […]