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Massachusetts Public Transit Accidents: What You Need to Know

Using public transit to commute has numerous benefits: a person avoids traffic, reduces emissions, and often gets to their destination faster and at a lower out-of-pocket cost. But if an accident occurs on public transit and a passenger is injured, understanding liability for damages can be confusing. Call Personal Injury lawyer Deborah Gold-Alexander today if […]

Side-Impact Collisions in Massachusetts: What You Need to Know

Car accidents happen in the blink of an eye and, sometimes, the results are catastrophic and a person’s life is forever changed. While all car accidents have the potential to be deadly, one particularly dangerous type of crash is a side-impact collision. Also known as a T-bone collision or a broadside crash, these accidents are […]

Pain and Suffering Damages in Massachusetts

Being involved in a car crash, a slip and fall accident, a pedestrian accident, or another type of accident that leaves you seriously injured can be a devastating and overwhelming experience. While there is nothing that can ever be done to restore to you the quality of life and state of being that you experienced […]

Parking Lot Slip and Fall Accidents in Massachusetts

While it may not be something that you actively think about, the average person uses at least one parking lot a day. From the office parking lot to the grocery store lot, to the school parking lot for pick-ups to a quick stop at the post office on the way home and more, the parking […]

Injuries and Safety Tips in Massachusetts This Halloween

For little ones, Halloween is surely one of the most anticipated holidays. From dressing up in one’s costume of choice to going door-to-door to collect candies and sweets, it’s hard to find a kid who doesn’t love All Hallow’s Eve festivities. While Halloween might be a fun holiday, though, trick-or-treating is often a source of […]