6 Things You Can Do to Improve the Outcome of Your Personal Injury Claim

Being injured due to another’s actions is frustrating, maddening, and often confusing. You may be wondering what your options are after a serious injury, and whether or not filing a personal injury claim will yield the recovery award that you deserve. While this question is hard to answer, there are a number of things that you can do to improve the outcome of your personal injury claim. Here are the top six:

  1. Don’t Delay

Perhaps the most important piece of advice a lawyer can answer to those who are pursuing a personal injury claim is to act quickly. It’s incredibly important that you report the accident to the proper party as soon as possible, as well as the police when necessary. You should also give the insurance parties involved proper notice. Finally, remember that if you do decide to file a lawsuit, you’re limited by the statute of limitations to three years from the date of your injury (Massachusetts Code Chapter 260 Section 2A). 

  1. Keep a Detailed Journal

Recovering as much evidence related to the accident and your injuries as possible is crucial, and this includes keeping a detailed journal of the event. The journal can be referenced when seeking damages for pain and suffering, diminished quality of life, and psychological harm. 

  1. Stay Off of Social Media

It can be tempting to hop online and talk about your accident after it happens, but doing so could be deleterious to your claim, in large part because anything you post online can be used against you. What’s more, content online can often be misrepresented. For example, a picture of you at the beach after your injury occurs could send the message that you’re not that injured or not experiencing pain and suffering, even if the picture was taken prior to the accident. 

  1. Follow Your Doctor’s Orders

You need to seek medical care following an accident and follow your doctor’s orders. If you fail to listen to your doctor, this could be used against you to diminish the value of your claim. Failing to follow recommended treatment is equivalent to not doing due diligence to prevent injuries from worsening. 

  1. Be Honest 

It’s very important that you are as honest and straightforward about what happened, the extent of your injuries, any preexisting injuries you have, and the like as possible. If you are caught hyperbolizing or being dishonest, this could undermine your claim and discredit anything else you say. 

  1. Call a Personal Injury Lawyer

Finally, one of the easiest ways that you can improve the outcome of your personal injury claim is to work with an experienced personal injury lawyer. Your lawyer can advise you when it comes to reporting your claim, calculating your damages, negotiating your settlement, and more.

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