5 Things Not to Do After a Car Accident in Revere

Revere, Massachusetts is a wonderful city located just a few miles from Boston with Revere Beach a main attraction with its annual sand sculpture festival and having the distinction as the first public beach in the US. Like any other town of 50,000 or more residents, though, it has its share of car accidents and injuries. This is not surprising since there are about 2.5 million car crashes with personal injuries each year in the US.

If you suffered a personal injury, you may be aware of some essential things to do, such as retrieving information from the other involved driver and calling your insurance company. However, there are some vital things that you should not do if you wish to preserve your rights and give yourself the best opportunity to receive the maximum compensation for your injury.

Here are 5 things not to do after a personal injury from a car accident in Revere or anywhere else:

  1. Do not leave the scene. If anyone was injured, you should render assistance by calling 911 immediately and making sure the involved parties are not exposed to further injury or danger. If you or the other driver complain of mild pain but you feel it is fine to just leave, you risk being charged with leaving the scene of an accident. Even if the other driver fled the scene, remain and call 911. By not having law enforcement or emergency personnel present, you have no official documentation of the accident and no statements from anyone regarding how the accident occurred or if you had any symptoms of injuries. Further, the defendant’s insurer will likely doubt your version of the accident or that you were even injured. Please note that at times law enforcement may not come to the scene and may advise you to file a report with the police station.  You should follow-up with law enforcement as soon thereafter to properly document your case.
  1. Do not lose your temper. Road rage seems to come over the calmest people and it can be especially intense following an accident where your car has sustained substantial damage and you or a passenger are injured. It is easy to lash out at the other driver for running a red light or failing to stop behind you. Losing your temper, however, can be counterproductive and possibly lead to a violent confrontation where you can be hurt or say something that you may regret. Stay focused on making sure everyone is taken care of, that you identify any witnesses and that evidence is preserved. Wait for the arrival of law enforcement and medical assistance without having an altercation with the other driver.
  1. Do not talk to the other party’s insurance representative. Under no circumstances should you make a statement to the other party’s insurance adjuster without having legal counsel present, if your personal injury lawyer even permits it. Although an insurer may want to clear up certain facts or compare your version to that of its own insured, many claimants inadvertently make comments that minimize or even jeopardize their claim for damages.
  1. Do not wait to seek medical attention. Many of us, men especially, do not like going to a doctor or hospital unless we absolutely need medical care. If you were injured in an accident, do not wait and expect or hope that your symptoms will improve. Immediately seek medical care since other symptoms can manifest within days of the accident. By receiving prompt medical attention, your injuries are documented and made credible by your health professional. If you suffered a head injury, even a mild one, this can lead to future problems. If you waited a week or more before going to your doctor or medical facility, it is much easier for the defendant insured to claim your injuries were either not related to the accident, are not credible since you waited to file a claim before seeking medical care, or you are exaggerating them.
  1. Do not handle your injury claim by yourself. Trying to save money by handling your injury claim without a personal injury lawyer can be dollarwise and penny foolish. It’s like having a leaky faucet.  You can fix it yourself but it may never work properly or you can hire a licensed professional plumber to fix it right.  It is the same with retaining a personal injury lawyer.  If the liability for your accident is disputed or you waited before going to the doctor or you do not have adequate medical insurance for the treatment you need, not hiring the right personal injury can jeopardize your case. Studies overwhelmingly show that injured claimants who are represented by personal injury lawyers receive substantially more in compensation than those without legal representation, even accounting for legal fees.

Retain Revere Personal Injury Lawyer Deborah Gold-Alexander

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