Driver Burned in Boston Car Accident

A recent car accident in Uxbridge’s East Hartford Avenue has left a driver with critical injuries that he suffered when his car ignited into flames after slamming into a light pole. The driver sustained burns to forty-five percent of his body in the single car crash. Witnesses at the scene say that the car, a 2000 Chevrolet Impala hit a light pole at approximately 4:00am. The pole was split in half from the impact. The car then burst into flames with the driver trapped inside. Often, victims of such car accidents will seek the help of a Car Accident Lawyer such as Deborah Gold-Alexander.

Emergency Personnel Rush to Scene of Car Accident

The car accident was reported at 4:10 am, and rescue personnel rushed to the scene. The Massachusetts State Police, Uxbridge Fire Department, and Central Massachusetts Law Enforcement Council Accident Reconstruction Unit were all among those who were dispatched to the scene of the accident. The road remained closed during the efforts of the emergency response personnel. Firefighter Brett Lisak and Officer Peter Bates, along with the help of an unnamed “good Samaritan” was able to put the fire out and rescue the driver. Uxbridge firefighters treated the unidentified driver at the scene before he was life-flighted by helicopter to Umass Memorial Medical Center.

Car Accidents in Limited Lighting

Although police admit that speed and alcohol are suspected of contributing to the cause of the car accident, an investigation is ongoing. Night time driving could also have played a part in this tragic occurrence. A driver’s ability to judge distance is impressively impaired in the dark, and driving at night time is a leading cause of car accidents in the United States. When driving in areas where there is limited lighting, the driver may tend to make decisions based on what he or she can see. The statistics for night time car accidents is staggering. Although there are as much as sixty percent less drivers on the road at night, night time car accidents still account for as many as forty percent of all car accidents. This could be due to the fact that many night time drivers are drowsy, or drinking.

Most Likely Times for Car Accidents

The most dangerous times to drive seem to be just at sundown, and just at sunrise. This could be because the driver’s eyes are getting used to the changes in lighting.  Anytime a visual obstruction or poor lighting leads to an automobile accident, a good Car Accident Lawyer, such as Deborah Gold-Alexander, will investigate to see if the victim(s) deserve to be compensated for their loss of wages, medical bills, and more. If you or someone you love has been involved in a night time car accident, give Attorney Deborah Gold-Alexander a call today.

Revere Casino News

Voters from the city of Revere Massachusetts and the neighborhood of East Boston went to the polls on Tuesday to decide whether or not they supported the building of a casino, according to the Boston Globe. The proposed casino would be located at Suffolk Downs, a 78 year old thoroughbred horse track which is in both East Boston and the city of Revere, Massachusetts. The horse track is still in operation, and until 2010, a dog race was also held at Wonderland for many years. The casino is projected to cost about $1 billion.

East Boston voters voted against the casino but Revere voters overwhelmingly voted in favor of it.  Following, there has been talk of a “Revere only” scaled down casino on the acres located solely within Revere.  While this may be an uphill battle, there seems to be support for such a venue.

Those who are interested in the casino should contact Casino and Real Estate Lawyer Deborah Gold-Alexander.

Casino Brings New Revenue to Revere

Revere is a city which, like many others, is in need of new sources of revenue. With gambling being a common choice among residents as a way to increase revenue, a new casino seems to be just the answer they are looking for. In his effort to lobby for more support for the Suffolk Downs casino, Mayor Dan Rizzo stated over a week ago, “I feel this referendum is transformational. If the city votes for this project, it will elevate the city of Revere to what I would call a ‘world-class city’. We will be able to do things that we would never otherwise have been able to do, given our current financial situation.”

Casino Not a Done Deal

In spite of the overwhelming support for the casino, it is not yet a done deal. A report from CBS Boston shares that a recent setback was received by the project when Caesars Entertainment withdrew its interest after concerns that were brought on by the state’s gaming commission performing a background check. Suffolk Downs assured reporters that they will name a new partner by the end of the year.

Voters Make Final Decision on Casino

In the end, the choice will be up to the voters. Without the support of voters from both Revere and East Boston, Massachusetts, the deal would be off for the entire location of Suffolk Downs. Not everyone has been in favor of the new gambling site, and protesters have been voicing their disapproval quite loudly at times. The Associated Press reports that there have been actual fights to break out between those who support the casino and those who oppose it. According to a report from the Boston Herald, neighborhoods which have been close-knit for three decades are split over the proposed casino. Those who wish to understand what the proposed casino could mean for their business or neighborhood may wish to call Casino Lawyer Deborah Gold-Alexander.